Applying for a VAT number in France

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Do you, as an EU-based company or sole proprietor, have plans to enter the French market, then it is likely that you will need to apply for a French VAT number. Our office can take care of this application for you, as well as the filing of the French VAT returns.

Step 1: Examination of the necessity to apply for a French VAT number

During an initial meeting, our colleagues will examine the activities and the flow of goods in order to determine whether or not you can and should apply for a French VAT number.

As a foreign company, you can only apply for a VAT number in France if the need arises.

In concrete terms, this means that you must carry out transactions that are taxable in France. These include sales with the charging of French VAT or from a French warehouse, as well as intra-Community acquisitions or deliveries to or from France.

If you import goods into France, a VAT registration is now mandatory.

Step 2: Registration

If the analysis shows that a French VAT number is required, we take care of the registration in France. Together with the mandates, the registration forms are also prepared and attached to your file. After your file has been submitted, we are responsible for further follow-up and communication with the French administration.

You receive 3 fiscal numbers, namely a French company number (SIREN), a branch number (SIRET) and the French VAT number

Step 3: Permanent follow-up

Once your VAT number has been issued, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will be your direct point of contact.

Your account manager takes care of :

  • Monthly retrieval and review of the VAT data
  • Preparing and submitting the French VAT return
  • Follow-up of payments and/or applications for refunds, where applicable

In case of a VAT credit, we also ensure an active follow-up of this credit and the correct application of the refund procedure. This is because the procedure to be applied varies according to the company's activities.

For more specific questions, you can always contact your account manager who will provide you with a clear and concrete answer in close cooperation with one of our consultants.

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