About us

About A.VAT.S

At A.VAT.S, we provide assistance as regards tax matters that goes above and beyond simple accounting. Our team specialises in dealing with foreign businesses that are launching operations in France and that require assistance to ensure that they carry out their obligations in terms of VAT, excise duty and payroll.

Office A.VAT.S

Based on 30 years of experience

At A.VAT.S, we can leverage expertise that dates back to the introduction of the European customs union in 1992. Since 2001, what we have been doing at our own company, on a daily basis, is what we do best – looking after the obligations, in terms of pay, benefits, VAT and excise duty of foreign businesses that operate in France.

In a word

  • Operating since 2001
  • Officially accredited by, and a member of, sector co-ordination organisations.
  • Focus on foreign companies
  • Additional legal and tax support, thanks to RFN
Office A.VAT.S

Additional support

On top of assistance in respect of VAT and excise duty, do you also need certified accounts for your company in France? In that case, you can count on RFN, our partner that specialises in accounting. Just like our experts at A.VAT.S, the specialists at RFN specialise in dealing with foreign companies that have operations in France.

Our history

We founded A.VAT.S in 2001. Right from the start, we focussed exclusively on VAT, on excise duty and on payroll. However, our history goes back even further. Due to our sound tradition of sharing knowledge, we can leverage the whole body of expertise we have pooled with our partner RFN, which acts as a bridge between foreign businesses and the French authorities.

Are you planning to do business in France?

Our experts are ready and waiting to help you to write the next chapter in your story.